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Scuba Iceland , Reykjavík by | (Website)

Nikolaus Gansterer: Thinking Matters

The solo exhibition “Thinking Matters” — which represents another step in Nikolaus Gansterer’s visual research — explores in detail the relationship between drawing, thought and action. His work is a true example of interdisciplinary studies; it is the result of a close confrontation between socio-humanistic, scientific and artistic disciplines from which the artist takes single methodologies and applies to these his unique, higly personal artistic language. The result of this work is an installation which occupies the entire space: the work is composed of autonomous elements which, contemporaneously, are tiles of a vaster mosaic which the artist has developed specially for the gallery space.

Gallery Marie-Laure Fleisch

(Source: asylum-art, via asylum-art)

July 15th, 12pm

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Wallacha Falls, North Queensland, Australia: Colourful Continent, Irene and Michael Morcombe 1975


David Talley Photography

David Talley is a fine art and portrait photographer, cinematographer, and avid beard-wearer residing in the foothills of Southern California. David’s work explores the darker side of a positive change - the fright before a new adventure, the uncertainty of a new love, and the mystery contained within every new situation faced by the characters he has created through his imagery.

July 11th, 1pm

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Fire Mage - Created by Ramy Badie
Available only at TeeTurtle
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Hot studs, hung jocks, and thick cocks!